work order management

Work Order Management

Work Order Management is crucial part of the maintenance control system and it is vital to have an efficient maintenance planning. In each Work Order, detailed and proper information about the maintenance work to be done should be entered, including supportive technical documents. This is help maintenance crew to execute the work efficiently, with minimum loss time during work execution.

Those steps should be followed for a proper Work Order Management ;


Before creating a new Work Order, first existing Work Orders in the system should be reviewed if there is already a pending Work Order for that job (to prevent having duplicate Work Order for same job) and if the new Work Order is affecting any other work. Also, further investigation should be done to determine if engineering assistance is required, to check if there is any other work which may cause conflict. Lastly, existing work orders should be reviewed to see if there are other pending Work Orders which should be done “in conjunction with” new Work Order.

Information on Work Order

Information on the Work Order should be accurate and detailed enough. Those information should be entered on Work Order;

  • Equipment Number
  • Work Location
  • “Problem to be solved” with detailed description
  • Accurate and professional¬†“Description of Work”
  • “Tasks to be done” should be described with enough detail for the maintenance crew to perform without any problem
  • Job Priority
  • Estimated hours
  • All the required “Materials and Spare parts”
  • All the required “Specific tools”
  • Location of each material&spare part
  • All “Trades(Mechanical, Electrical, Operations) or Skills”, required to complete the work

Health, Safety and Environmental Issues

All “HSE Issues” should be covered adequately and all the required “Safety Materials” should be included in the materials list. Work Permits and any Specific HSE Regulations should be mentioned on the Work Order.

Information on the Completed Work Orders

There are important information which needs to be available and written on completed Work Orders.

All Work Orders  should be correctly reported back with those information :

  • what happened
  • the problems faced
  • which spare parts and materials were used
  • additional comments which are describing the additional work
  • changes to what was planned
  • actual labor and work hours

We have described in detail  in our Maintenance Planning Workflow post, the step by step, work order loop, from creation to closing of Work Orders.

You can get Work Order Checklist Excel File :


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