maintenance planning workflow

Maintenance Planning Workflow

  • PRE-Check of Work Request:

    • Check CMMS if it is a duplicate Work Request or not
    • Confirm Equipment number
    • Check Work description or equipment symptoms
    • Define Priority / Urgency of work
    • Define Initial safety considerations
    • Review CMMS history to determine if the job has been performed previously and history is available
    • Search for a master plan of the requested work
    • Check if there is any other work which may "conflict" with this Work Request
    • Check if there are other Work Orders in the backlog which should be done "in conjunction with" this Work Request?
  • Visit the Work Location

    • Observe physical restraints
    • Access to work area
    • Equipment removal requirements
    • Space for lifting devices or mobile equipment
    • Proximity of other jobs going on at potentially the same time
    • Identify environmental condition: Wet, Hot, Cold, Heights, Depths, Chemical exposure
    • Identify safety issues: Work Permits, PPE requirements etc.
    • Prepare field drawings or sketches
    • Take digital pictures with supporting notes
    • Prepare any type of notations that will help plan the job
    • Specify special tools and/or equipment: Cranes, Welding/cutting tools, Scaffolding
  • Define Scope of Work & Skill Requirements

    • Define WHAT steps and HOW the required work will be done
    • Identify skills needed to perform the required work, such as Workshop workers (lathe operators), Pipe Fitters, Mechanics, Electricians, Instrumentation Technicians, Welders etc.
    • Define Duration of Work for each steps : Example 2 Welders for 6 Hours
  • Identify Spare Parts and Material Requirements by using existing information, CMMS equipment BOM and manufacturer

  • Identify the need for Special Equipment: Forklift, Cranes, Welding Machines

  • Identify and Prepare the Work Permits and Safety Requirements:  Confined Space Permit, Hot Work Permit, Scaffold/Working at Heights Permit

  • Prepare Technical Documentation: Drawings, Specifications, Spare parts list, OEM manuals, Equipment history

  • Update Work Order Status in CMMS– Release the Work Order

  • Print out Work Order, attach all documentation and Hand over WO to Maintenance Crew

  • Post "Weekly Plan" to Planning Board

  • Follow up progress of job when Maintenance Crew is Performing Work Order Requirements

    • Use SIC Checklist to compare Plan versus Actual in order to detect variances and take action
  • Get Feedback from Maintenance Crew Leader about executed Work Orders

    • what happened
    • the problems faced
    • the spares which were replaced
    • additional comments ; describing additional work performed or changes to what was described
  • Review Work Order Feedback Information with Maintenance Crew Leader to ensure correct feedback

  • Populate/Update Work Order History into Equipment Files and Update CMMS by using order feedback information provided by maintenance crew for the completed work

  • Update Work Order Status in CMMS– Completed

There is a checklist in Reference Link below. I have simplified it and added my own points.

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