Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Template

Capacity Planning

Easily Add/Remove Manpower, Define Availability for each manpower

Maintenance Performance Indicators

Automatic calculation of MPIs: Efficiency, Schedule Compliance, Actual PM Ratio and more

Weekly Maintenance Plans

Prepare Weekly Plan with few clicks. Copy paste Work Orders, select week number, select day and click a button!

Short Interval Controls

Visit jobs on site to Check/Compare Plan vs Actual. Enter SIC Data with an advanced Userform.

Daily Maintenance Plans

Prepare a visualized Daily Plan with an advanced Userform. Select Worker(s), select WO and click a button!

Spare Parts Planning

Define Spare Parts requirements for each WO with an advanced Userform

Capacity Planning Userform

Do Capacity Planning

  • Easily Manage Capacity Planning by simple drop down menus and a simple Userform
  • Easily Add or Remove Manpower
  • Define Availability of Manpower for each day
  • Utilized Hours are updated automatically according to manpower assignments in Daily Plan
  • Analyze Capacity Utilization



Weekly Maintenance Plans

  • Prepare Weekly Plan in 3 Steps;
    1. Copy paste Work Orders from CMMS,
    2. Select Day of Week (from dropdown list) for the WOs to be copied to Weekly Plan
    3. Click "Copy to Weekly Plan" Button
  • Spare Parts Planning for each WO with an advanced Userform
  • Check Work Status with Short Interval Controls and enter SIC Data
  • Maintenance Performance Indicators calculated automatically
  • Estimated & Actual Capacity Utilization ratios for each Day
  • Available Manpower information for each day
  • Preparation Steps for each Task
    • Materials/Spare Parts, Tools/Equipment, Work Permits

Daily Maintenance Plan

  • Easily Prepare Daily Maintenance Plan with an Advanced Userform, with FEW CLICKS!
  • Define Date: Select "Week Number" and "Day of Week"
    • Available Manpower is updated (according to Capacity Planning Worksheet)
    • List of Work Orders is updated  (according to selected Week and Day)
  • Add Task to Daily Plan with few clicks
    1. Select a Manpower
    2. Select a WO from the list in Userform Or manually enter the description of WO and choose Estimated Hours
    3. Click "ADD Task" Button
  • Utilized Hours in Capacity Planning Sheet is updated according to Task Assignments
  • Visualized Daily Maintenance Plan: Cells are merged and colored automatically

Short Interval Controls

  • Compare Maintenance Plan versus Actual by visiting job site
  • Use SIC checklist to check each Work Order in Daily Maintenance Plan
    • Safety Issues
    • Preparation Steps
    • Maintenance Execution Quality
    • After Job Completion Steps
  • Enter SIC Data by a Userform
  • All Data is recorded
  • Analysis SIC Data by SIC Dashboard
Short Interval Control
Spare Part Planning

Spare Part Planning

  • Easily plan spare part requirement by an Advanced Userform;
    • Select Work Order to add/plan spare part
    • Option 1: Select required spare parts from the BOM list for equipment for selected WO
    • Option 2: Select required spare parts from from the Main Part List dropdown menu
  • Easily send "Required Spare Part Lists" by email to related people
  • All records are stored to Spare Parts Planning Database sheet