Plant Inspection Excel Template

Important Note: Default PASSWORD, to enter <Configuration> and <Setup Routes> Worksheets, is “admin

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Setup & Manage Inspection Routes and Checklists

Easily Add/Remove Inspection Routes, Define and Modify Inspection Checklists

Email Settings

Easily assign Inspection Routes for each email adress

Prepare Inspection Plan / Schedule

For each Route, Assign Inspectors, Define Inspection Frequency and Checklist Criteria

Inspection Schedule Overview

Visualized Schedule Overview with marked Public Holidays, Planned and Actual Inspection Dates.

Prepare Inspection Report with 1 click

Enter your Inspection Findings and then just click a button! Inspection Report is prepared and attached to an predefined Email!

Dashboards to Analyze Data

Dashboards to Analyze Inspection Activities and Inspection Findings

Setup Inspection Routes

Setup and Manage Inspection Routes

  • Easily Add / Delete Inspection Routes, Checklists
  • Routes Table in "Configuration worksheet" is automatically updated to reflect changes

Inspection Planning and Scheduling

  • For each Inspection Route
    • Assign Responsible
    • Define Inspection Interval (Frequency)
    • Define Inspection Checklist Criteria
  • Define Custom Frequency (Example: 2nd Monday of Every 3 Months)
  • Planned Dates are marked in Schedule Overview Worksheet automatically 
Inspection Planning and Scheduling

Manage Inspection Data Easily

  • Select Route to update the Inspection Checklist
  • Enter Inspection Findings easily
  • Generate and Email "Inspection Report" with 1 click
    • "Inspection Report" is created and attached to email
  • Visual "Schedule Overview worksheet" with Planned and Actual Inspection Dates
  • Continuously Updated "Inspection Findings" and "Activities" Databases

Visual Schedule Overview

  • All scheduling information is updated automatically ! No manual data entry !
  • Schedule Overview Sheet is updated automatically according to Inspection Planning and Scheduling Table in Config Worksheet ;
    • Routes are added or deleted 
    • Planned Inspection Dates are marked
  • Actual Inspection Dates are marked when Inspectors enter Inspection Findings
  • Holidays are highlighted according to Holidays Table in "Configuration  Worksheet"
Inspection Schedule Overview
Plant Inspection Dashboards

Dashboards to Analyze Inspection Data

  • All "Inspection Findings" and "Activities" are recorded to Databases
  • Analyze Inspection Findings and Activities
  • Modify and customize the charts
  • Create your own pivot charts