Objectives of Maintenance Organization

Objectives of Maintenance Organization

We can simply categorize the Objectives of Maintenance Organization as below ;

Optimum Availability of Production Systems and Equipment

The primary target of the maintenance department is to make sure that all equipment and systems of the plant are in good condition and keep running. It is very important to ensure availability of  production systems and equipment, in order to fulfill production capacity target.

Good Operating Condition of Equipment

Availability of critical equipment, is not enough alone, to achieve required plant performance. Maintenance department should also ensure that the critical equipment is in good operation condition.

Maximum Utilization of Own Resources

The maintenance cost forms a considerable amount of the total operating budget in plants.

Controlling and managing maintenance cost is vital to survive in competing market. The Spare Parts inventory, outsourced contract labor and repair material consumption are the main maintenance cost categories. By utilizing own labor for maintenance, then need for outsourcing contracted labor will decrease.

Extending the Equipment Life

Maintenance Department should increase "plant equipment life" in order to reduce maintenance cost. This can be achieved by implementing an efficient Maintenance Management Program.

Spare Part and Inventory Management

Spare Parts Management is a major target of maintenance organization. Critical Spare parts should be defined and to ensure that they in in stock when needed. Minimum and maximum stock levels should be defined in order to have optimum stock inventory and to reduce spares inventory. Specific equipment or parts requirements can be anticipated in advance - with help of predictive maintenance, condition based monitoring - and so they can be purchased when necessary.

Objectives of Maintenance Organization - How to Achieve

A proper work flow, described below, should be in place in order to achieve the maintenance goals.

In simplest words, the work flow consist of  1) Work Identification, 2) Planning and Scheduling, 3) Work Execution

Here, the most important step is Maintenance Planning and Scheduling. It is the brain, heart of the maintenance organization. Without a proper planning and scheduling, it is impossible to improve the equipment reliability, reduce the maintenance costs etc..

This work flow should be supported by those strong "management" elements

  • Cost Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Skills Management
  • Reliability Management
Objectives of Maintenance Organization
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