Common Failure Modes Template

100% Free Excel Template. It is very simple and easy to use

Troubleshooting is easy now!

Troubleshooting in Three Steps. 1) Select Equipment, 2) Select Problem, 3) Review the list of possible Causes!

Easily Add New Equipment

Click button. List the Problems, Possible Causes and Mark Intersections.

100% Free Template

Download Free Excel Template!


Easily review Failure Modes of Bearings, Motors, Gearboxes, Fans, Pumps, Couplings, V-belts etc.

TroubleShooting is Easy ! 

  • Select an Equipment from dropdown list
  • "Problem List" will be generated. Select a Problem from the List.
  • "Causes List" for the Selected Problem will be generated.  

Easily Add New Equipment

  • Click <Add New Equipment> Button
    • New Blank Worksheet will be created.
  • On this New Blank Worksheet
    • Write the Problems
    • Write the Possible Causes
    • Put "X" to the intersection of the Problem and its Possible Causes.